The All New Fitbit Versa

The All New Fitbit Versa

To convince an individual to buy a smartwatch can be a difficult task. However, Apple's smartwatch broke this myth by emphasizing on the fitness and health of their customers. However, with the new science and technology of Apple's smartwatches, there was a high demand of these watches, but it wasn't affordable for everyone. This gave an advantage to its competitors to break the monopoly. A company name Fitbit made its entry with a cheaper price in comparison with Apple smartwatches.

People, who are always eager to follow the latest trends and also who love the latest technology gadgets, made their investments in Fitbit. Fitbit is not perfect, but targets more on its designs. The smooth software with a technology new to everyone, provides an edge over others. It gives a unique touch of the watches by the Pebbles, who were the pioneers of smartwatch. Fitbit can be described as if an Apple watch or Pebble had a little baby.

The Fitbit Versa is a low-key smartwatch, that is comfortable to wear and at the same time is useful also. It lets you explore the benefits of the data that displays on your wrist. According to a research, after the launch of these smartwatches with the latest technology science, people have led a healthier life. The product enables to track health routines while providing a motivation for a healthier lifestyle. Its most vital feature is that you can track your major health concerns, which creates a sense of awareness which usually people were unaware of.

This new watch is less bulky than the Apple Watch Series 3 and has the same science and technology incorporated in it. Well of course, it doesn't have the Apple software installed in them but it is equally tech savvy. It is slimmer than the Apple watch and has a rubber band that makes it feel more comfortable. The company also offers extra bands like Horween leather band or a metal mesh band. Fitbit Versa with a technology new to many has a more responsive touchscreen. There are three buttons with which one can control music, access notifications and also set exercise start times or alarms.

The all new wearable device with a rounded screen comes with a bright display and a colorful touchscreen. There are variations of designs with different colors along with accessories to match each individual's style preferences. It comes with several apps as well. For instance, the new parent app helps parents to match their needs along with their baby's schedule. The latest technology science makes the smartwatch waterproof to up to 50m. However, the only drawback the Fitbit Versa has is not having the function of GPS system. Otherwise, this smartwatch gives a tough competition to the Apple series in the market. Fitbit also comes with a versatile range of charger designs.

If you are looking for a smartwatch that does not die after one day, then consider the option of buying the Fitbit Versa. It is an incorporation of the latest technology into a watch, making it a considerable smartwatch that one can buy at an affordable price.