Iconic Black Panther Spotted

Iconic Black Panther Spotted

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has managed to capture a Black Panther using the latest technology of Camtraptions camera. Spotting an iconic black panther in the African wilderness is quite rare. Meanwhile, a team of scientists from the San Diego Zoo has managed to record the footage of a blank panther in the same area. It was believed that at least two panthers are to be found, but later the British photographer made it evident that it is the same black leopard they are capturing.

Black Panthers are very difficult to capture and find and therefore Burrard-Lucas had to use a technology science that is new and innovative like the Camtraptions motion sensor trap. He left these cameras on game paths for days and even weeks. However, it is very rare to find one of these creatures as they are very few in number and also because of their color they are hard to see in the dark. Blank panthers have a genetic mutation that makes their fur black. This mutation is known as melanism and it is the result of an unusual high level of the pigment melanin. It is considered to be opposite of albinism which is caused by the lack of pigment.

Black Panthers are mostly found in Africa and Asia. The fur of the animal appears rosette patterns at night. Burrard have captured high- quality photos of this iconic animal with the use of his latest technology camera. He is not only an excellent Wild life Photographer but also the founder of Camtraptions. Camtraptions is a company that has a relevant technology innovation and has specialized products for remote and camera trap photography.

He is known for his innovative photography with the use of the technology new to everyone. He cleared the misunderstanding of the San Diego Zoo that the Panther was a female. His captured images were high- definition which made it clear that it was a young male who was about two years old.

Burrard-Lucas loves to set up leopard tracks, he has been quite a genius in setting up camera traps regardless these traps are not always beneficiary. As, the animal might walk the track in which the cameras are set up. He never had a hope that this trap with the use of the latest technology Camtraptions camera would lead to such an extraordinary click. He had his camera set up for a couple of nights in hope of capturing this iconic creature. However, his luck worked on the fourth night of the set up. The achievement was not something that sank in immediately, as it was an unusual click and a very rare sight.

He said he was fascinated by the stories of Black Panthers since his childhood, and for him no other animal was more mysterious than a panther. After the capturing of these photos, a few concerns started to rise regarding the safety of this exotic animal. As the hunters or zoos are looking for an opportunity to find such an animal that would bring hype to their business. On this concern, Burrad Lucas said that trophy hunting is illegal in Kenya. The purpose of revealing the place was to attract tourists. As, tourism being the only factor can generate a huge amount of revenue and adds value to the place. However, he still is surprised by the wonderful clicks he captured with the use of technology and innovation.