Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch

The Amazfit Bit is a product of Huami, who is a leader in wearable technology. It is a smartwatch that is easy to use, cheap and has an incredible battery life. And that is the catch!

This is a smartwatch that made its way out of nowhere on the internet through online sales. The company Huami, which is known for its products that have a technology new in the market, manufactures it. This company makes all of the Chinese electronics including Xiamoi's wearable devices like the Mi Band 2. However, its own wearable brand is Amazfit, which is easily available to the US customers on Amazon. It is a basic watch that has the new tech savvy functions which has become the latest trend these days. Although, the software of this watch is a bit rough in comparison to the Apple Watch Series 1 and Fitbit Versa, but it is still giving a tough competition to these tech giants. Amazfit can also cause you trouble while synchronizing it with iPhone and android phones. Amazfit has a hardware feel similar to Pebble's. Its model and design surpasses the important aspects of the latest trend, which is leading the industry of technology.

The data of the watch is always on display, which makes it easier to read even in the direct sunlight. The battery life of this watch can last for weeks between the charges. Amazfit Bip is packed with the science and technology that tracks your heart rate, GPS and basic notifications from your cellphone. And Guess what? It is water resistant too. The look of the watch might not be very appealing in comparison to other smartwatches, but it delivers all of the functions you look in a smartwatch for a lesser cost than the others. It is an easy yet affordable choice one can benefit themselves from under $200.

Amazfit Bip's display is always on. The first thing that attracts a customer is the display of smartwatch stays active. A major disappointment for many smartwatch users is that it automatically turns off the screen in order to save its battery life. Amazfit Bip is known by its amazing battery life. It is said to have a battery life for up to 45 days, obviously depending on the usage of the watch. For instance, if someone activates his GPS for every 30 minutes in order to track their activity, the watch will be connected to their mobile phone. Therefore, notifications will be active. Then the battery life would last up to eleven days in this case. However, for a smartwatch, it is more than enough.

The body quality of Amazfit Bip is made using polycarbonate. The screen uses a third generation Gorilla Glass with 2.5d slightly curved side. The quality of the strap is smooth and comfortable to use. The watch is also equipped with a magnetic compass feature which is known to be the latest technology.

The only drawbacks faced by this watch is its rough software, which causes the music transfer complicated and limited. Also, the watch has a very bulky charger. Otherwise, the Amazfit Bip is an amazing fitness smartwatch that meets the latest science and technology of watches.