Fishing trip tech

Fishing trip tech

If you sit back and think about it for a minute you probably realize a lot of the technology you used on your last fishing trip, the superduper whizbang four-wheel-drive vehicle that got you deeper into the wilderness than you ever been before or the incredibly fast and powerful boat that got you 20 miles offshore in under an hour, if you use either of those you saw plenty of technology, everything from a GPS to the winch that helped launch the boat, they are all products of technology. Today just about the only part of a fishing trip that is not the product of technology would be if you used old-fashioned baits, like worms and homemade concoctions.

Most people don't realize modern day fishing is just about all technology, everything from lines, rods, reels, lures and hooks and even many of the baits we use, like soft plastics. Generally no fisherman wants to go back to the old days of manufacturing your own hooks, building fly rods from pieces of bamboo or other woods, using woven silk as fishing line, with leaders made from woven horse hair. The closest most modern fisherman come to manufacturing any of their own gear is for those few left who still tie their own flies but even they are using modern manufactured materials to tie those flies with. Needless to say of course they tied the fly onto a modern store-bought hook or leader.

Very few fishermen want to go back to the old-fashioned ways simply because they do not have the time to spend, up to a month, to make a single fishing rod only to have it break about the third or fourth fish you hook into. All fishermen love the convenience of being able to walk into any tackle shop and walk out 15 min. later (good luck with that one, more like 3 hours) with everything they need for a full day's fishing in any environment, the only thing that will be missing is some of the credit available on the credit card.

Depending on where you fish at and who with will depend on what the “rules” are, it is always wise to drop into the local tackle shop and just ask the owner or the shop assistant what are the local rules, in a lot of places no one really cares but in some places even using high-tech fish finders is considered to be unsportsmanlike conduct and won't make you any friends. In most states fishing regulations apply but most of these regulations do not address technology directly, the biggest fishing technique that is not even mentioned in nearly every regulation is fishing using a model compound bow and high-tech arrows.

These days even fly fisherman can be seen using depth finders and GPS devices together, when asked what they're doing they will tell you that the use of these two technological marvels allows them to plot the water depth and temperature and recorded in the GPS for future reference, so the fishermen doesn't even need to remember his favorite fishing spot anymore, he just looks it up. The point is that there is no question of whether we should or should not use technology when fishing, we are using it already, like it or not, so what can be wrong with keeping up with the times.