Sony Electronics Launches New Xperia 1 V Smartphone

Sony Electronics Inc. introduces the Xperia 1 V, its' first flagship smartphone equipped with a newly developed stacked CMOS image sensor with 2-layer Transistor Pixel. The Xperia 1 V is packed with Sony's cutting-edge technology, meeting the high-level needs of creators, while at the same time, supporting future creators who want to shoot or deliver their content with pride.

"We continue to prioritize the needs of our customers and the new Xperia 1 V allows for the next level of content creation, viewing experience, gaming performance, battery life and audio capabilities," says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. "The opportunities and needs for smartphones are increasing and with the Xperia 1 V the possibilities for both photo and video creation is truly endless."

Elevating Content Capture

The Xperia 1 V is raising the bar with its' newly developed image sensor which depicts rich colors and textures of people, landscapes, and scenes in even dark locations. Due to the combination of the low-light performance, which is approximately double compared to the previous modelii and the high-speed multi frame overlay procession technology of the Xperia 1 V, it is possible to shoot a noise resistant photo with a wider dynamic range that is equivalent to a full-frame camera. The 24mm lens on the back of the Xperia 1 V equipped with a 2-layer Transistor Pixel stacked CMOS image sensor "Exmor T for mobile" which is about 1.7 times larger than the Xperia 1 IV's image sensor. In addition, the 85-125mm (F2.3-F2.8) optical zoom lens enables bright portraits with little distortion.

S-Cinetone, designed for cinematographersiii, has been adjusted and installed for mobile. Since the texture of the human skin can be beautifully expressed when shooting, it is possible to record as an impressive cinematic image as it is, without color grading. In addition, the new sensor has approximately three times of saturation signal levelii compared to the conventional sensor, and unique image quality processing suppresses noise that tends to occur in dark scenes, resulting in beautiful images with soft colors.

The Xperia 1 V has a multitude of functions including color presets such as Creative Look, also found in Alpha series cameras, and high-performance real time AF (auto focus). Various color settings are preset, such as colorful flowers and clear blue sky, or creating a soft, transparent finish. Xperia's high-performance Real-time Eye AFiv and Real-time trackingiv allows shooting with the focus on the eyes of a person or a specified subject. With AI depth that analyzes distance information, even distant subjects can be clearly focused. Additionally, high-speed continuous shooting of up to 30 frames per second with AF/AEv tracking is newly available, so no moment will be missed.

Improved Vlog Experience

Xperia 1 V fits all creators' needs with the Product Showcase Setting, which is a popular function in Sony's VLOGCAM series and shifts the focus on the camera to the product, instead of reviewer's face, when shooting. Additionally, a new voice priority mic is placed near the rear camera. Even when in a busy outdoor location, the creator's voice is clearly recorded, so it makes an easy transition from shooting to distributing the video. When doing a YouTube™ live stream via the video recording function "Videography Pro", chats from viewers can be viewed in the comment section simultaneously, allowing for immediate interactionvi with viewers in real time. The user interface also supports vertical shooting, so you can shoot content in any orientation, either vertically or horizontallyvii.

Immersive Experience

Packed into the newest compact smartphone is a 6.5-inch 4K OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hzviii and less blur. The powerful and low-noise speaker amplifier improves the spread and depth of the sound, and the extension of the low and high frequencies, creating a more dynamic and clear sound. Xperia 1 V offers an authentic viewing experience of movies and music without a need for an additional speaker. On the backside, it has a functional tactile design that uses a uniquely developed texture glass. Combined with the fine slits on the side, it provides a stable grip and prevents from slipping when you hold the smartphone during shooting or viewing.

Best in Class Gaming Performance

The game assist function "Game Enhancer" provides visual and auditory support for game players. In addition to simply playing, players can also livestream their playing scene on YouTube. Qualcomm's Snapdragon® 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform and Elite Gamingx optimizes the experience of shooting, viewing and playing games with superior level.

Long Lasting Battery Power and Powerful CPU

Despite using a 4K display, approximately 20 hoursx of continuous video playback is available with a powerful 5,000mAh battery. It supports wireless charging, 30 minutes quick charge up to 50%xi, and furthermore, Xperia's unique charging optimization technology supports users with a battery that maintains 80% or more of its maximum capacityxii even after 3 years. By improving power consumption and heat dissipation, Xperia 1 V achieves both high performance and durability, and allows for shooting for a longer time while suppressing heat generation. Equipped with the Snapdragon® 8 Gen2 Mobile Platform, the power efficiency of the CPU has been improved by approximately 40%xiii compared to the previous model. The power consumption during camera operation has been improved by approximately 20%, and the volume of the heat diffusion sheet has been increased by approximately 60% for the heat dissipation performance of the main unit.

Accessibility & Sustainability

With continued efforts to provide more accessibility, Xperia 1 V includes a function in the Photo Pro feature that uses sounds to inform users of the horizontal and vertical measurement of the screen.

The Sony Group has set an environmental plan "Road to Zero" aiming for zero environmental load by 2050. In order to achieve this, we are taking action while setting medium-term environmental targets in stages. As part of these mid-term environmental goals, we aim to completely eliminate plastic packaging materials for newly designed small products by 2025. Xperia 1 V 's plastic-free packagexiv is comprised of Sony's unique Original Blended Material, which is made from bamboo, sugar cane fibers, and recycled paper collected from the market. We are also working to reduce the amount of virgin plastic used inside the main unit. Some elements, both internal and external, of the main unit use SORPLAS™, a flame-retardant recycled plastic developed by Sony that uses up to 99% recycled materials. For more details, please visit:

Style Cover with Stand for Xperia 1 V XQZ-CBDQ

The Xperia 1 V exclusive cover has a grip on the bottom of the main unit to enhance the shooting experience. In addition to the conventional horizontal stand, it supports vertical stand, making it easy to use not only for watching videos but also for live distribution and video chat. The back of the cover incorporates the textured design applied to the back of the "Xperia 1 V" body, so that the original design of the device is not compromised even when the cover is attached. Two colorsxv are available to match the body (black and khaki green).

Pricing and Availability

The Xperia 1 V will be available for pre-order on May 11, 2023 for approximately $1399.99 USD with first customer deliveries July 28, 2023. It will be sold unlocked in black at a variety of Sony's authorized dealers throughout the United States. A khaki green color variation will be available exclusively at

For a limited time, customers who pre-order the Xperia 1 V starting May 11, 2023, will be eligible to receive Sony's latest LinkBuds Truly Wireless Earbuds (WFL900/H) with purchase (a $179.99 USD value).

eVTOL Cabin Concept Wins 2023 iF Design Award

Supernal, Hyundai Motor Group's Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) company, announced today it won recognition from the renowned International Forum (iF) Design Award competition.

Supernal's electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle cabin concept, which the Company debuted at the 2022 Farnborough International Airshow, was awarded a product design award by a jury of international design experts. Supernal created the cabin concept in partnership with Hyundai Motor Group's design studios as it works to develop its eVTOL vehicle for launch of commercial flights starting in the U.S. in 2028.

Supernal's five-seat cabin concept provides clues to how the Company is harnessing automotive design processes and materials — while aiming to meet commercial aviation safety standards — to optimize the AAM passenger experience and price-point. The concept's design embodies a "biomimicry" philosophy and the Company's pillars of safety above all, human-centered design and environmental responsibility. Prioritizing sustainability, the cabin concept incorporates materials such as advanced recyclable carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic, durable plant-based leather, recycled plastic fabric and responsibly sourced woods. The seat frames also use excess raw material from the airframe manufacturing process.

"The iF Design Awards is one of the world's top product design competitions and Supernal's recognition reflects only some of the capabilities that Hyundai Motor Group will bring to the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry," said Luc Donckerwolke, chief creative officer, Hyundai Motor Group. "One of the most important parameters for a designer is to learn. To be confronted by the influential factors required to design an aircraft therefore boosts our creativity. My team and I truly enjoyed exploring ideas – taking into account physics, aerodynamics and ergonomics of a new mobility concept – and designing the journey; the experience of the passenger in future eVTOL mobility."

Supernal's eVTOL vehicle cabin concept mimics the security and comfort that passengers find in their own cars. Highlights include structural components built out of lightweight forged carbon fiber, ergonomically contoured seats that offer a cocoon-like environment, deployable seat consoles that provide a charging station and storage compartment for personal items and grab handles built into the cabin doors and seatbacks to assist with ingress and egress. A combination of lighting — including overhead lights inspired by automobile sunroofs — adjusts with the various stages of flight to emulate a "light therapy" effect.

"The Supernal eVTOL vehicle cabin concept draws on the competence of Hyundai Motor Group and the skillset of experienced automotive designers, which allowed us to develop a new air mobility concept that will be not only safe and rational but also highly emotional," Donckerwolke said.

The iF jury judged nominees across multiple categories and disciplines based on five criteria: idea, form, function, differentiation and impact. The competition received 11,000 entries from 56 countries this year.

iF also recognized Supernal's corporate brand identity. The Company's "Green Apex" logo embodies its bold and innovative spirit and is a symbol for Supernal's continuous effort to create a more sustainable future through electrified air mobility.

Winners will be recognized at the iF Awards ceremony on May 15, 2023, in Berlin.

Supernal (Su·per·nal) is a U.S.-based mobility service provider on a mission to redefine how people move, connect, and live. We are developing an Advanced Air Mobility eVTOL vehicle and working to responsibly co-create the supporting ecosystem and integrate it into existing transit options. As part of Hyundai Motor Group, we are both a new business and an established company, with plans to harness our automotive manufacturing heritage to make Advanced Air Mobility accessible to the masses.

pCloud Launches Free Online Tools to Enhance Security

In Taiwan, the need to improve online security is urgent, with organizations experiencing an average of 3,118 attacks per week last year. This trend will likely worsen due to the rise in remote work and digital transformation acceleration.

It is in this context that World Password Day will take place on May 4th. One of its objectives will be to raise awareness among Internet users of best practices for securing their data.

On this occasion, pCloud, the European service that offers a secure online storage solution and an encrypted password manager, launches two free online tools:

Password Checker, to easily validate the security level of each password ;

Data Breach Checker, to find out if an email is part of a hack... and it often is!

"With data breaches on the rise in 2023, we offer these free and easy-to-use tools to help build good practices that increase online security."

Check your password security quickly and effectively

The Password Strength Checker can identify how quickly a password can be cracked, with hackers usually taking just a few seconds to do so.

This is a significant concern since 78% of Generation Z use the same password for everything.

Concrete tips on creating strong passwords and avoiding the risk of being hacked are also shared by pCloud.

Find out immediately if an email is part of a data breach

pCloud's Data Breach Checker allows users to find out instantly if their email is part of one or more known data breaches.

This is important since popular sites like Deezer, Twitter, Dropbox, and Canva have already been victims of data breaches.

Sensitive personal information associated with emails, such as credit cards, addresses, and passwords, may also have been hacked.

The problem is that people are not always aware of it, because they were not alerted when it happened or because they do not have a full picture of the scale of the phenomenon.

Accessible at any time, this tool allows the user to know instantly if their email is part of one or more known data breaches.

Here again, the Swiss company takes the opportunity to share 3 practical tips to ensure better protection of personal information (e.g. encrypted online storage, password manager).

Augmental Launches the MouthPad

MIT Media Lab spinoff Augmental, an innovative hardware startup focused on creating human-first experiences that enhance everyday interactions with digital devices and interfaces, today announces the launch of the MouthPad^ — a groundbreaking innovation that allows people to control devices purely through the movement of their tongue. The hardware company's first device aims to push the boundaries of hands-free computing making technology more human.

As a fully bespoke, smart intra-oral interface, customized to the user's mouth with the ability to connect to several personal devices, this cutting-edge product is set to usher in a new frontier for hands-free technology.

By tapping into the under-explored interactive potential of the tongue, the MouthPad^ is part of an exciting new wave of accessible tech products set to emerge from Silicon Valley. The World Health Organization estimates that 1.3 billion people – or 16% of the global population – experience a significant disability today, which constitutes the disability community as one of the world's largest underserved groups. According to a study by the CDC, nearly 1 in 50 people live with paralysis, or approximately 5.4 million people.

While eye-tracking technology, 'pure' voice assistance, and even lip-controlled joysticks all offer degrees of hands-free access to the digital world, users can be left frustrated, fatigued, or with damage to their teeth. There is a clear need for more technological innovation regarding how we control current and forthcoming digital devices without our hands.

"As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, and the world expands from the physical to the digital, it's more important than ever to ensure that everyone has equal access to control inputs and new interfaces," said Tomás Vega, Co-Founder and engineer at Augmental. "Interactions with these systems must be designed to cater to how humans perceive, process, and act."

Led by principles of universal design and inclusivity, Augmental launched an R&D program focusing on the needs of people with limited hand control. By working with the disability community, Augmental gained invaluable insights that helped inform the development of the device. The goal is to scale up the MouthPad^ so that it can be used by the broadest possible audience, allowing people to carry out everyday tasks hands-free and enjoy digital control with greater ease and independence.

"Universal design has the power to greatly expand digital access for everyone, not just those lacking mobility. In exploring hands-busy scenarios and contexts in which users have limited hand control, we have developed an in-mouth platform that enables convenient device interaction today, while also setting the stage for a future of more human and less distracting heads-up displays," said Corten Singer, Co-Founder and engineer at Augmental. "Our technology should meet us where we are — not the other way around."

Though the MouthPad^ has been found to address relevant needs for people with quadriplegia and limited hand control, its reach extends beyond these cases as assisting those in 'hands-busy' scenarios to enhance productivity and performance of surgeons, gamers, astronauts, lab technicians, factory-line workers, etc. When it comes to how this technology could be applied — and improved — the possibilities are endless, especially as the promise of augmented reality approaches.

"It is very exciting to see this technology becoming widely available, not only because it can empower millions of differently-abled individuals, but also because as digital access becomes ever more important in our lives, there will be a need for novel, more seamlessly integrated methods for device interaction. I applaud the Augmental team for exploring creative new opportunities." Pattie Maes, MIT Media Lab Professor and director of the Fluid Interfaces Group.

How it Works

Designed to allow users to speak freely and perform other actions in parallel, the MouthPad^ is complementary to alternative technology such as voice control, allowing people to seamlessly switch between tongue-driven screen navigation and speech without the need for surgery.

"In my previous roles, I worked on invasive implants for brain-computer interfaces, and I realized that these innovations were going to help a lot of people. But in talking with friends who would most benefit from these technologies, I realized that most of them wouldn't undergo a surgical procedure in order to interact with computers," said Vega.

The MouthPad^ harnesses the innate dexterity of the tongue — considered by Augmental as "the 11th finger." The device converts the user's tongue position and pressure into cursor actions by processing signals through a machine-learning algorithm inside its processor. The commands are then sent via Bluetooth to the connected device and translated into cursor movements and clicks, allowing the user to do everything from simply sending an email or turning on the lights, to editing a photo or playing a video game.

Each device is fully personalized to the user through a process of intra-oral scanning that generates a 3D model of the mouth. Using this model, a custom device is designed and printed with dental resin. This perfectly fits the individual's mouth and encapsulates a flexible circuit board with sensors, a processing unit, and a Bluetooth radio — all sealed in a watertight casing with an innovative technique to protect the electronics from saliva. This "wet touchpad" - smart enough to deal with issues introduced by saliva and other liquids - in combination with the fact that it can connect with several devices via Bluetooth, makes the MouthPad^ a game-changing piece of technology.

"I'm motivated about augmenting human ability, and interested in using technology to overcome all the limitations of the way we are born," said Vega.


MouthPad^ connects via Bluetooth to iOS and Android smartphones, Windows, Mac, and Linux-based desktop and laptop computers. The MouthPad^ works in parallel with existing accessibility and control features on these devices and within their operating systems.

About Augmental

MIT Media Lab spinoff Augmental, is an innovative hardware startup focused on creating human-first experiences that enhance everyday interactions with digital devices and interfaces. The team's first product is the MouthPad^, a tongue-controlled touchpad designed to explore the digital world hands-free.

The MouthPad^ aims to improve interactions with smartphones, tablets, computers, IoT, and more with a customized Bluetooth controller worn across the roof of your mouth. The MouthPad^ is a smart dental retainer that enables wireless computer control using just your tongue, providing expressive hands-free interaction that is invisible to the world, yet always available to you.

Beyond helping people with limited hand-motor control, the MouthPad^ allows anybody to fluently interact with computers without using their hands, whether in industrial settings such as surgery, labs, and factories, or for leisure, such as when using wearables such as audio and visual AR interfaces.